Woman Posts Online For Help Because Diamond In Ring ‘Too Small’

2ch netizens lambasted a woman who posted online that she didn’t know what to do now that her boyfriend had given her an engagement ring. The problem? The diamond was so small, it made her cry.

The young woman left a long post on Oshiete! Goo (which is similar to Yahoo! Answers), saying that she feared female friends would criticize her for having a 0.24 carat Tiffany ring. Those who responded to the post tried to help the woman see that there were more important things in life, while others said she should leave her boyfriend for his benefit, if not her own. 2ch netizens, however, were not quite so polite.

Does size matter? Or is a diamond, no matter how small, forever?

From Oshiete Goo!:

The Diamond On My Engagement Ring Was Small And I Couldn’t Help Crying About It

Posted by: mellycos

Posted on: 09/09/2013

I’m 22 years old. My boyfriend is 25. He is in his second year of working for a company.

He gave me an engagement ring.

It’s TIFFANY, and 0.24 carats.

The diamond was so small that I cried from shock.

I’m not particularly bothered about wedding ceremonies, so my boyfriend and I had even said that we’d be fine with a simple ceremony in a coffee-shop or cafe.

I’m also not particularly bothered about a honey-moon.

The only thing I was bothered about, was the engagement ring.

What’s more, we’re both awful with children, so I don’t really plan on having kids in the future.

And still, when I saw that small diamond in the engagement ring, I was so shocked that I was hyperventilating, and having a crying fit.

My mother and aunt are the type of people who will criticise me by saying things like “Wow, the diamond on your wedding ring is pretty small, isn’t it?”

It really hurts me to think that I’m probably going to be told that.

I’m the type of girl who’s warm and really girly (I don’t think so myself, but those around me tell me I am), so other girls have often tried to find fault with me.

For example, just because I hadn’t talked about my boyfriend in a while, people were smirking and all like “You haven’t talked about your boyfriend in a while — did you guys break up?”

My boyfriend bought me a Gucci watch from Donki, and when I wore it, everyone complimented me “Oh that’s such a cute watch”.

But then, when I was with female friends, they told me “Yeah, but that one’s from Donki, right?” and I’ve often had other girls say stuff like this to me, finding fault with me.

And that’s why I have no self-confidence, and anyway, I guess that even if I wear the diamond ring, I’m going to be told by my parents, aunt, and women around me that “The diamond is small”.

I cried with shock.

I hate that the diamond is small, and I hate myself even more for crying over it.

Because I have no self-confidence, I think that if I wear a small diamond, then I might lose my self-confidence unnecessarily.

And, although my boyfriend said that he’d spend about 350,000 yen [$3561] on a ring, it looks like he only spent about 300,000 yen [$3052] in total.

This was an engagement ring that I will only get once in my life, and I just think it’s awful that my boyfriend tried to scrimp on it.

I just don’t know what to do for the best.

Comments from 2ch.net:


Huh. Well, break up with him then, munter.


Why don’t you just die?


Dying is for the best.


Mental wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


The stone itself isn’t worth all that much, so don’t care about it.
Instead, just be happy that he’s going to marry you.


For real.
This is what women are like.


Aside from in the bubble era, these days I reckon most engagement rings cost between 150,000 and 150,000 yen.


At any rate, she must have been the one who told him she wanted TIFFANY.
Had it been another brand, it would have been a better diamond.


I’ll give you a lovely stone I found in the river, so cheer up.


How the hell do you bring up a kid to create a woman this stupid?


And this is what she writes at 22.
Damn, her husband’s going to have it tough.

トペ コンヒーロ(チベット自治区):

So you’re bad with kids in the first place?
Why are you getting married?
That’s not going to be your job, is it?


It’s just someone trolling isn’t it?


When it comes to rings, women are pretty strict.
She must have an important position in the female hierarchy.
What an asshole.


She ain’t gonna know. Just get her a big glass stone.


Nah, 0.24 carats is a bit on the small side I reckon.
The fact that it cost 300,000 yen means that the colour, quality and cut of the diamond must have been to a high standard.
But you know, appearance is important.


キングコングラリアット(茸):[in response to above]

Yeah, but if it’s 300,000 yen with a diamond, then isn’t that going to be one of the cheaper rings at Tiffany?


Yeah, because it’s Tiffany it’s going to be waaaay expensive even if the diamond is small.
Because it’s a brand those rings are even expensive to buy at a pawn shop.


Her post really pissed me off.


Size isn’t what’s important.
Hardness is.


She’s dissatisfied with making a 25 year old spend 300,000 yen w
Marriage is frightening.


What’s enjoyable for a man to go out with a woman like that?

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