Woman Arrested For Kicking Karaoke Staff In Groin


The Japanese Internet went a little bit crazy this week when a rather attractive nail technician unceremoniously kicked a staff member at a karaoke place. In the balls.

The woman, who in drunken exuberance had left without paying her $73 bill, was chased down by the loyal staff member. When he confronted her, she confronted him.

Netizens are split between warning of the dangers of alcohol and the fact that there are some guys out there who might perceive the beating as a perk of the job.

From JNN News:

Female Nail Technician Arrested, After Leaving Karaoke Without Paying, Assaulted Staff?


A 26 year old female nail technician has been arrested by Tokyo Metropolitan Police after leaving a karaoke place without paying the bill, and assaulting the male member of staff who went after her by kicking him in the crotch.

The nail technician arrested on suspicion of burglary and assault is Imaizumi Yuki (26), of Tokyo’s Shibuya ward.

After leaving a karaoke place in Meguro ward without having paid a bill of approximately 9,000 yen [around $73] at around midnight on July 21, Imaizumi is accused of having injured the male member of staff (19) who chased after her by kicking him in the crotch and punching him in the face.


Imaizumi was apprarently drunk, and had been drinking at a local izakaya from around 8:30pm on July 20 before going on to order tequila shots at karaoke.

In response to interview, Imaizumi denied the charges, saying “I didn’t punch the staff member”.


Comments from 2ch.net:


She’s cute.


What’s the problem?


If he’d punched her back, he’d have been the one getting arrested.


Man, I hate people who don’t know when to stop drinking.
She probably really doesn’t remember this at all.


Girl, 9000 yen is expensive for that stuff.
You should stop at about 5000 yen.


Her face says she definitely kicked him.


At least she’s got proper eye make-up on.


She didn’t punch him. (She kicked him).


From her face, she looks like she’d have a super bad personality.


9000 yen at the karaoke? WTF, lady?

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


So would it have been ok for the staff member to lose it too?


I know she was drunk when she committed this crime, but how stupid do you have to be?


The power of alcohol is scary. It must have been awful for the guy who was assaulted, too.


I wish people like her wouldn’t drink alcohol, but these are the people who like drinking the most.


The guy found her at least.
Good job.


People who are usually not very aggressive are not aggressive when they drink alcohol, either.
I bet this woman is like that anyway.
And if she did that to the staff member at the karaoke place, he should have done it back to her.
But there, even though he’s a guy he managed to hold back.
These days girls don’t seem to know a guy’s strength, so they need to be careful.


Her eyes say it all.


If you don’t know what’s going on when you drink, then don’t drink!


These days there are a lot of women committing crimes!
Be careful!


There are a lot of people who make mistakes because of booze.
It’s the same with drink-driving, but there are times when “drunken indiscretions” won’t be forgiven.
You should know who you are, know your limits, and you should enjoy alcohol responsibly.

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  • I like

  • Sad Clown

    Need to be a lot more attractive than this to get a free pass at my balls. Just saying.

  • KP

    Sex probably involved.

  • tomoe723

    Netizen comments are treating this as if it was a scene from a shonen manga. Also, it’s just ridiculous that it’s come to the point that a girl gets arrested for kicking a boy in the balls. I guess this is the “gender equality” they’ve been talking about.

    • guest

      Maybe I misunderstood you comment, but why on earth would it be ridiculous? That’s assault any way you look at it. Don’t tell me you think he should have just laughed it off since it was a girl doing the kicking? Shouldn’t be kicking people in the balls if you can’t deal with the consequences, whether that means getting your ass beat or being sent to jail. This is all putting aside the matter that she also committed theft by not paying her bill either.

      • tomoe723

        It’s ridiculous because I don’t believe in “gender equality” the way feminists put it out. This also lessens the pride of the guy in the situation. What, he can’t handle a girl by himself and had to call police to have her arrested? So much for being a man…. I know how the system favors the girl if ever the guy retaliated, but there are more ways to handle this situation than supposed retaliation or this arrest even, but I guess the men here have become such pussies they can’t even handle a girl kicking them in the balls.

        • Zappa Frank

          what was he supposed to do? considering he is just 19 and she was even drunk.

        • Comebackkid13
        • guest

          I would agree with you that it hopefully wouldn’t need to go to the police, but then what is the alternative here? That he walks away after being attacked, and lets her go without paying? That he restrains and tries to reason with the drunk violent person? Why does he have to show restraint when dealing with her, because she’s a girl?
          Nobody’s a child here, if an adult goes out and gets drunk and violent, that’s on them.

          I don’t espouse the “gender equality” of feminists either by any stretch, it would be great if he didn’t have to be a “pussy” as you say, if he could just slap her back. If he can do so and then they can both walk away without involving the law(after she paid her bill of course), then that would be the ideal. But in reality, if he did so, he would definitely be made out to be the person in the wrong here.

          Putting aside pride and such, I don’t think you should be starting unprovoked fights with anyone, regardless of gender. But if you’re going to start shit, you should be ready to deal with the consequences.

          • tomoe723

            I’m not entirely sure what transpired before the balls kicking, maybe he did threaten to report to police for the unpaid bills, and the girl resorted to violence or who knows if she kicked him unprovoked. But there are so many ways to handle such situations without resorting to violence, threats, or retaliations. However, considering he is still 19 years old, he’s probably inexperienced with words alone to resolve an issue. That’s what I meant by being a man. Although it’s ideal and some people think its ridiculous, proper words spoken even when he’s already being kicked in the balls, and the resolve to weather it all and stand one’s ground can oftentimes break a woman’s ire. But then, I suppose calling the police is the “easy way out.”

          • TSDown

            If a drunk man groped a woman on a late-night train and she called the police, would you consider that an easy way out? Japan is governed by the rule of law; every citizen is subject to the law and that woman broke the law. Your opinion of his supposed lack of manliness is irrelevant. The men and women of Japan are under no obligation to conform to your standards.

          • tomoe723

            Like I said, I don’t believe in the “gender equality” the feminists put out to be. And your analogy is way off the line, a drunk man on a train suddenly groping women is nowhere near the situation in the article. Of course the police should be called, that’s a pervert on the lose, not someone who skipped on the tab because they were drunk to realize it. The law never saved anybody, laws are designed to condemn and oppress, to keep people from “misbehaving”, so for me, it’s the last resort to run to. If things can be resolved in more humane ways, then that’s my standard. If your standard is always running to the law, then you’re no longer human, you’re just a robot.

          • nineteen85

            He’s 19, probably working part-time to get some pocket money. Or he could be a rare multiple-part-time-worker working to pay for his education or help the family. It doesn’t matter.

            The woman in question, was drunk, walked out after not paying her bill and even the assaulted the poor chap.

            Regardless of whether he has a cool experienced personality, or whether he was at that point, flustered and frustrated doesn’t matter either. This “humanity” you’re suggesting he lacks is really just “patience”.

            Humanity would be, not snapping and retaliating. Not proceeding to maul her beyond-recognition and dismembering her to get away with it.

            He just didn’t have patience. And I don’t see why he should feel ashamed for it. Any possible response that would pass off a “humane”(laughably-so) would most likely be a complete pain-in-the-ass to endure. Should he have chased after her constantly? Being a gentleman while at it, not yelling about an unpaid bill but attempting to guilt-trip the scoundrel into paying? Maybe gone down on all fours to beg her to pay?

            Please. You’re an unreasonable fool. Stupid, and quite frankly I suspect you’re a troll, I know I’m feeding you. But occasionally one does enjoy tossing crumbs into a pond.

  • Realist

    You do some stuff to me, I do some stuff to you, and we call it even, ok? Nobody needs to go to jail. I’ll pay your $73 bill too, now let’s hop to it. My place or yours?

  • Dinosaur

    Jap netizen logic: She looks like one of those serious type girls you see in manga. Therefore, she is totally guilty.

    Jap netizens should seriously stop obsessing over manga/anime and meet real people. Its not surprising this country has a hikikomori and NEET problem.

    • ELT

      Mods. This kind of racism with racial slur should be ristricted. This punk should be banned immediate. Right Beth?

      • Norm

        this is where korean and some other countries’ internet haters come to and bash japanese even when they are not japanese internet hater. the comment section is full of just abuse or exaggerations or stupid generalization or at worst racism. Dinosaur is the good example. no “Jap netizen” says “She looks like one of those serious type girls you see in manga. Therefore, she is totally guilty”. he apparently comes to this site just to abuse others and make himself feel better. and besides some sensible commenters, this kind of haters are also important for this site to increase the online traffic. so mods would not ban him. there are so many sites on the internet which cause hate for other nations or race. unfortunately, this has been one of them too.

        • ELT

          Yeah, that’s what I am wondering, If mods volunteer for free work, what the hell are they really looking for. I cannot help thinking there are so many chuckys around these days who pretend to be mod and the owner of the racism site, but purely for stiring up haters.

          • chucky3176

            lol.. so you wouldn’t mind if the mods ban you first, Rutim?

            This is what you wrote a month back.


            “what kind of abnormal chon are you then? get the fuck out of this country anyway, most Japanese dotn want chon like you idiot live here, that for sure CHON!”

          • ELT

            Read how “hi” was like first. Read all other regular haters were like, who often claim they dont fucking care about Japan. Sure I often return slurs against slurs.
            Personal attacks? everybody does it here and there.
            BTW, That is what I wrote.lol not what Rutim wrote.
            Just because you often do, it does not mean everybody does sockpuppet.
            Your own brand new racism forum to open when? should I post there? lol

      • besudesu

        This kind of racial slur is not acceptable here. But sometimes it takes me a while to get to such comments. Thank you for flagging it up in your comment — you can also “flag” a comment for automatic moderation by using the drop-down menu on the right of the comment.

    • besudesu

      It’s not ok to use the term “Jap”, even if you argue it is an abbreviation. It has an offensive and derogatory history, and it not welcome on this site. That goes for any other kind of racial slur, too. If you use the term again, then in line with our community policy, we will have no choice but to ban you from commenting on the site.

  • risotto

    I like how she said she didn’t punch him but didn’t deny she kicked him, either. She should go to law school!

  • Comebackkid13

    “If he’d punched her back, he’d have been the one getting arrested.” – Thiiiis.

    If girls want to attack guys and act like men they should be prepared for an ass kicking.

    • Lyn

      In her defense (not that I’m actually defending her poor actions) If I was walking around at 12am and I saw an unknown man running at me in the dark, I’d probably kick him in the nuts and run in fear that he may possibly do something to me.

      Now in her case, she’s obviously not the brightest tool in the shed. She was probably so drunk she’d forgot all about her bill and had no idea the guy running at her was a karaoke worker. She’s still in the wrong though but yeah.

  • Loving the whole #SorryNotSorry aura that emanates from her photos + gif. But I do not want to be anywhere near her next time she’s drunk!

  • B

    Man, I’m in love. She’s so pretty.

  • KMail

    Typical Porn Queen.

  • Gerhana

    she got that “im a rebel with a pretty face” aura.

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