Woman Arrested For Kicking Karaoke Staff In Groin


The Japanese Internet went a little bit crazy this week when a rather attractive nail technician unceremoniously kicked a staff member at a karaoke place. In the balls.

The woman, who in drunken exuberance had left without paying her $73 bill, was chased down by the loyal staff member. When he confronted her, she confronted him.

Netizens are split between warning of the dangers of alcohol and the fact that there are some guys out there who might perceive the beating as a perk of the job.

From JNN News:

Female Nail Technician Arrested, After Leaving Karaoke Without Paying, Assaulted Staff?


A 26 year old female nail technician has been arrested by Tokyo Metropolitan Police after leaving a karaoke place without paying the bill, and assaulting the male member of staff who went after her by kicking him in the crotch.

The nail technician arrested on suspicion of burglary and assault is Imaizumi Yuki (26), of Tokyo’s Shibuya ward.

After leaving a karaoke place in Meguro ward without having paid a bill of approximately 9,000 yen [around $73] at around midnight on July 21, Imaizumi is accused of having injured the male member of staff (19) who chased after her by kicking him in the crotch and punching him in the face.


Imaizumi was apprarently drunk, and had been drinking at a local izakaya from around 8:30pm on July 20 before going on to order tequila shots at karaoke.

In response to interview, Imaizumi denied the charges, saying “I didn’t punch the staff member”.


Comments from 2ch.net:


She’s cute.


What’s the problem?


If he’d punched her back, he’d have been the one getting arrested.


Man, I hate people who don’t know when to stop drinking.
She probably really doesn’t remember this at all.


Girl, 9000 yen is expensive for that stuff.
You should stop at about 5000 yen.


Her face says she definitely kicked him.


At least she’s got proper eye make-up on.


She didn’t punch him. (She kicked him).


From her face, she looks like she’d have a super bad personality.


9000 yen at the karaoke? WTF, lady?

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


So would it have been ok for the staff member to lose it too?


I know she was drunk when she committed this crime, but how stupid do you have to be?


The power of alcohol is scary. It must have been awful for the guy who was assaulted, too.


I wish people like her wouldn’t drink alcohol, but these are the people who like drinking the most.


The guy found her at least.
Good job.


People who are usually not very aggressive are not aggressive when they drink alcohol, either.
I bet this woman is like that anyway.
And if she did that to the staff member at the karaoke place, he should have done it back to her.
But there, even though he’s a guy he managed to hold back.
These days girls don’t seem to know a guy’s strength, so they need to be careful.


Her eyes say it all.


If you don’t know what’s going on when you drink, then don’t drink!


These days there are a lot of women committing crimes!
Be careful!


There are a lot of people who make mistakes because of booze.
It’s the same with drink-driving, but there are times when “drunken indiscretions” won’t be forgiven.
You should know who you are, know your limits, and you should enjoy alcohol responsibly.

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