Woman Gets Naked In Restaurant, Man Films Her, Pair Arrested

Woman gets naked in Gusto while man films her on smartphone

Gusto, a popular Japanese family restaurant chain.

Family Restaurants (Famiresu) in Japan have a strange existence. Often open for 24 hours, people from all walks of life pass through their doors in the space of a day.

But unlike their name suggests, they are not always family friendly, as this weird and wonderful story from Kobe shows.

Yes, at 3am in a family restaurant in Kobe, a 44-year old woman exposed herself, while a 52 year old man filmed her. Both were arrested for causing a public nuisance.

Netizens postulate as to whether this is some kind of new sex game.

From Yahoo! Japan:

Woman Gets Naked In Family Restaurant, Man Films Her With His Smartphone, Pair Arrested — Kobe

On February 25, Ikuta police arrested a female company employee (44) of Nada Ward, Kobe City, for suddenly getting almost entirely naked at a family restaurant, along with an unemployed man (52), of Tarumi Ward, also Kobe City, for having filmed her naked at the restaurant. Both were arrested under suspicion of violating the Hyogo Prefectural Anti-Nuisance Ordinance. The pair have admitted the charges.

On the morning of February 25, at around 3:25am at the “GUSTO Kobe Motomachi Branch” in Motomachi-dori 1, Chuo Ward, Kobe, the woman allegedly stood in front of a female worker (21) and took off her coat, and began to expose her upper body, and the man allegedly filmed her on his smartphone.

According to police, when the woman removed her coat she was almost completely naked. At the time, there were no customers in the restaurant.

Comments from Twitter:


This is an awful act of terror.


A 44 year old lady and a 52 year old dude…that’s enough for it to look like a depiction of hell.


Somewhat concerned that although it says she exposed her upper body, it also says she was “almost completely naked”.


Feel really sorry for the staff who suddenly were forced to see this filthy spectacle…

南 充浩:

I guess they were in the middle of some humiliation sex game? (笑)


Do it at home, mature couple. Do it at home.


Today, as always: Hyogo Prefecture www


What a weird lady…


Bet a lot of guys were “disappointed” the moment they say this article


I guess they couldn’t really imagine the aftermath after doing something like this. What’s more, these were adults who should have known better. The guy is like already entering old age.


Lots of the amateurs seem to be mature ladies.

Naoto Taniai:

Some new sex game, huh


The woman is the same age as me (^^;;




Total perverts!


Ah, spring is almost upon us.

楠原 日野:

This can’t be all that rare, right? The exposing community is surprisingly large, too. Doesn’t mean it’s ok to do it though.


For some reason I find news stories like this strangely comforting (← this is my personal opinion).


Man, Kobe’s really on fire!!(゜ロ゜ノ)ノ。。。


This is really a nuisance. I mean come on, who wants to see a 44 year old naked? Younger people would be welcome, though. Oh my, please forgive my imprudence.

鮎滝 渉:

What the hell are you guys doing this for in your forties and fifties?


So wait, the 52 year old guy wasn’t a customer…?


Bleurrrggggh. (Puke).

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