83 Year Old Man Kills Cat By Dragging It For 4km Behind His Car

An 83 year old man drags a cat behind his car for 4km

Recently, netizens were shocked by the news that a high school teacher had buried kittens alive in the playground of the school he was working in.

Now, an 83 year old man is to be prosecuted for tying a cat to the back of his car and dragging it along for 4km, thereby causing its death.

The story rapidly gained thousands of comments on Yahoo! Japan, with many netizens wondering why an older person, who ought to have developed some sense of empathy in their long life, would do such a despicable thing.

From Yahoo! Japan:

83 Year Old Man To Be Prosecuted For Killing Cat By Dragging It 4km – Ibaraki Prefecture

An 83 year old man drags a cat behind his car for 4km

The roadside where the cat’s body was found.

On May 1, the Inashiki division of Ibaraki Prefectural Police referred a case to prosecutors involving an unemployed man (83), who lives in Inashiki City, also Ibaraki Prefecture, charging him with violating animal cruelty and waste disposal laws for having dragged a cat for 4km behind his car, thereby causing its death through suffocation.

At around 10:40am on March 19, the man is accused of having tied a cat up with plastic binding at the car park adjoining his home, and driving around the city having fastened the cat to his car, killing the cat through suffocation. He is then further accused of disposing of the cat’s corpse in a grass verge on the side of the municipal highway.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


I have no idea what happened here, but to go this far is definitely not normal (´・Д・)」


I don’t know what the circumstances of this were, but the only thing I can say is that this is disgusting.


No matter how you look at it, this is not normal.
The guy got to 83, and he’s just gone crazy.


An eye for an eye is OK, right?


I think it would be best if the same kind of thing ended up happening to him.


No matter how you look at it, I think this is really awful.
What on earth had that little cat done?
When something is this horrible, I just feel like it’s unbelievable.


Do it to him.


Don’t know what happened, but he went too far!


Don’t know what happened, but I don’t think it’s normal to go that far.


I bet this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this.
Hasn’t he done similar things like this?
He just didn’t get found out.


It seems even stranger to me that a bastard like that can still be breathing at 83.


An eye for an eye.
How much pain must have that little cat been in as he was dragged along?
How must he have suffered?
It’s abnormal to have got to 83 and to not be able to think of the pain of others.
If he won’t understand what he’s done until the same thing happens to him, then let the same thing happen to him.


I could probably understand if he’d just killed in one, (I mean, I wouldn’t understand, but…) but I think that a human who can calmly do something so horrific, to let it suffer like that, to not just quickly end its life, is really awful.
And to think that he is 83….


I feel really sorry for the cat of course, but it must also have been horrible for those who witnessed it.


No matter how you see it, it would be best if the same thing happened to him, wouldn’t it?


When I saw the title, I thought an elderly man had run over a cat through a driving error, but that’s not the case at all.
This is different from animal abuse by young people…I mean what on earth?

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