Pervert Caught Again For Hiding In Gutter To Glimpse Underwear


The most shared story from Yahoo! Japan on Facebook today was the news that a pervert had been arrested for lying in a gutter and peeping up women’s skirts in the hope he’d catch a glimpse of their underwear.

This may sound like a familiar story to our more dedicated readers. It may in fact sound exactly the same as a story we covered back in 2013. Yup. That’s right. Same guy. Same situation. You have to at least applaud his dedication for getting into that tiny gutter again, and in the middle of summer.

Netizens find the man’s behavior generally to be quite funny, while others point out that he probably needs psychiatric treatment. We feel sorry for the poor beautician who found him there.

From Yahoo!Japan:

28 Year Old Man Who Spent 5 Hours Lying In A Gutter Peeping In Height Of Summer Because He Wanted To See Women’s Underwear Tells Police: “When I’m Reborn I Want To Be A Street”

On November 9, the Higashinada division of the Hyogo Prefectural Police arrested company employee Hirai Yasuomi (28) of Higashinada, Kobe City, on suspicion of violated the Prefectural Anti-Nuisance Bylaw after he tried to catch a glimpse of women’s underwear as he lay in a gutter. According to police, he is thought to have spend 5 hours lurking in the narrow gutter. Hirai admits to the charges, saying “I did it because I wanted to look up women’s skirts”. Hirai was also arrested on the same charge two years ago, and police are proceeding with their investigations on the assumption that Hirai was peeping with the aim of secretly taking photographs of the women’s underwear on his smartphone.

His somewhat tenacious peeping was discovered in the middle of summer this year, on August 16. The incident happened in a kerbside gutter in front of a post office, just 70 meters from JR Settsu-Motoyama Station, where there are a lot of passers-by during the day.

According to police, at around 3am Hirai entered the small gutter, which is 60cm deep, 55cm wide, has a length of 35cm, in Higashinada Okamoto 1-chome. Hirai fitted his body into the gutter’s 40cm wide earthenware pipe and lay facing upwards so that only his head and wrists were above the pipe. He put the iron grill back over the top of the gutter, and lay in wait for women to walk by. He had his smartphone with him, and it is assumed he intended to photograph the women secretly.

At around 7:50am, a beautician (37) noticed that there was hair protruding from the gutter’s iron grill. When she approached thinking it was a wig, it moved. It was human hair. When she looked closer, she saw what looked like a man’s face, and Hirai stared he right in the eye. The woman screamed loudly and ran away, calling 110 to report the situation to police.

When officers immediately rushed to the scene, the man was still lying in the pipe. He had long unkempt hair and was wearing a t-shirt. Hirai was pulled out from the gutter, and told police “Make no mistake about it. I wanted to peep up their skirts”. He did not resist police.

When police investigated the videos stored on Hirai’s smartphone, they found several still images and videos that Hirai appeared to have secretly take on women’s underwear. There were also videos that appeared to have been taken on the train. The photographs were taken over the period from March through April this year, and these offenses will be added to the charges.

In June 2013 Hirai had also been arrested on the same charges for having peeped at women’s underwear while lying in a gutter at a different location in Higashinada. At the time, he had told police: “When I’m reborn, I want to be a street”.

Comments from Facebook:

高野 敏治:

A street…go ahead (doh)

Takashi Sakamoto:

If I clocked him in there I’d pour a bucket of water over him, or maybe I’d piss on him.
Or maybe I’d throw paint on him?


LMFAO wwwwwww

渋谷 佑介:

Would have been great if he’d been flattened with a steam-roller w

Takashi Sakamoto:

Nowadays women wear trousers all the time anyway, and adult women wear stockings and girdles under their skirts, so it would be very rare to see their pants. And if you’re in a gutter, there’s a grill over the top so you can’t take good pictures either. Guess he’s just someone who’ll go that far.

Muneyoshi Takahashi:

So this is not the Abe Kobo novel “Box-man” but “Street-man”? What drove him to do that I wonder? I just don’t get it.

Sasaki Hiroshi:

People are a mystery to me…

Yamachi Umihara:

He wants to be a street when he’s reborn www
Dude, come on, at least become panties!
Or become a panty ghost who can only fly from one pair of knickers to another.

米沢 元教:

“When I’m reborn I want to become a street”??
He’s a sicko~. Should be in hospital.

Vo Hoang Baophi:

This news is gonna go viral throughout the world, I’ll bet 〜〜w
Japan will be ridiculed for being a nation full of perverts!

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


Kinda made me think oh well, good luck in your next life!


Wouldn’t he be happier if he became panties?


Wow, a real freak has emerged.


It’s the second time he’s done this.
He must be sick in the head.


Yeah, hope you get reborn because of this.
But being a street is going to be a tough one.


This is a terrible thing, but I really feel sorry for this guy…Whenever I imagine him getting in there and being dragged out it’s just hilarious (笑)


The very thought of it….I mean, if you were a belt line and you just had cars thundering over you all day, you wouldn’t see many panties…


Even if you don’t wait until you’re reborn, your life is over as a human being.


Didn’t the cops doing the investigation laugh as they were doing it?
Had it been me I don’t think I would have been able to hold it in.


Is he doing his best to become a sidewalk outside a women’s university, and praying to the gods for that to happen?

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  • masterchief

    when will they learn there is something called the internet full of underwear

    • fr hy

      u mean like this

      • zachary T

        the internet can not confirm or deny it is full of underwear gifs…

      • masterchief

        ow yea baby

      • SeoulKorea

        Too bad Korean woman ass. Not Japanese.

      • Alex _

        Where is this GIF from?

        • fr hy


          • Alex _

            I thought that it was from some AV movie but ok….

    • Claude

      I declare his media name is now Old School Yasuomi.

  • zachary T

    wait, the same guy, in the same city. wow. this guy needs help.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    “When I’m reborn, I want to be a street”

    Yeah and my uncle wanted to be a bird. Then the doctors upped the dosage.

  • Peter

    Cross-dressing Chinese man caught taking photos in women’s spa in Japan.

  • vonskippy

    No clue about the fascination with underwear, but he needs to be reborn with a brain – small wifi camera and lipo battery, put that under the grate, sit comfortably in the park across the street, watch/record at will.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Something tells me part of his fantasy is also to get walked on, hence the wanting to be an actual street.

  • Guest

    And Japan childishly launches protests to the UN, about the remarks made by a UN official, about the sexual prostitution by Japanese children which is a huge problem in Japan. Japan says there’s no proof. wow LOL… The country is good at denying such problems exist, yet this incident clearly illustrates what lengths these pure blooded innocent Samurai Japanese men would go to have a peek at underwears of young girls.

    • guest1

      Your trolling aside, if you paid attention, you would have seen that the UN representative in questions admitted to having no source, and basically making up the number she provided. She said she would retract the claim. Not that it matters to you, as you just wanted a chance to make up shit, same as the UN.

      Putting that aside, the entire “issue” is overblown in the first place. If individuals decided that they can make easy money by walking around with others, or having coffee, etc., then more power to them. In the rarer cases where there are sexual favors exchanged, so what? Again, if a consenting individual decide to do so,(and most of the “young girls” as you call them are well into high school, they aren’t some young kids being taken advantage of) then I see no issue with it. It’s nobody elses’ business.

      • Xiao

        You Jap nationalists are funny creatures. You guys have the answer to every little thing that make you precious and perfect Japan look bad. Japan is a Fantasy Island.

        • guest1

          Maybe in your mind what I posted makes me a “Jap nationalist”, but no where else. I didn’t even use the word Japan in my statement. It would have been the same regardless of country, because, if you had bothered to read, I was saying that there was nothing “bad” taking place here in the first place.

          But perhaps it’s inevitable you would think that, since for some reason topics about Japan do tend to attract obsessive types, such as you and the persona I responded to, who then see anybody else as “Jap nationalists”.

      • Alex _

        You are a fucking cretin. Japan produces about 40% of worlds child pornography, and they DO have a massive problem with children prostitution. A person below the age of 18 is still a child.

        • guest1

          Lol, up-voting yourself? Really? Putting aside that completely bullshit stat you pulled out of your ass, where did I even mention child pornography? We’re talking here about mostly high school girls who mostly just hang out with men for money, or sometimes perform sexual favors instead, again for money.

          I’m not going to get into when a person is or is not a child, but that fact that you actually just said definitively that a person under the age of 18 is a child is pretty laughable. It’s a number people use in certain parts of the world, because they decided it would work. That’s it. Plenty of places in what I’m sure you would consider “civilized, not having massive problems with child prostitution” Europe have AoC’s at 16 or even 15, and the sky has not fallen on top of them.

          But nice opinions. Maybe you can up-vote yourself again.

  • SeoulKorea

    So this 28 year old Japanese male pervert want to reborn has pavement. Pavement has no eyes or brain. Typical thick headed Japanese pervert.

    • Vasilios81

      Similar to the Korean national assembly employee hiding in the ladies’ bathroom with a camera phone to watch women shit.

      • Teaching2Disqus

        At least not hitting the pavement.

      • SoundMatch

        Shit is this true? Link me!

  • Sad Clown

    That’s too pathetic. If I was a girl, I’d flash him out of charity.

    • Seou1

      Try pissing on the pavement.

  • Seou1

    Japanese pervert think and act like pavement.

  • Korean_8282

    Japanese perverts hitting the pavement.

  • News2Disqus

    Pavement Person ( Made in Japan).

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