Tokyo Rail Arson Suspect Arrested After Causing Travel Chaos


Tokyo Metropolitan Police have announced that they’ve finally arrested a suspect over a series of arson incidents on JR East’s railway network. The incidents have caused disruption throughout Tokyo’s rail network, which serves huge numbers of people every day.

The suspect, Noda Izaya, is apparently a musician, and claims that he didn’t cause any obstruction of business. The problem is there is some compelling CCTV evidence that suggests otherwise.

mixi netizens are unforgiving, with many citing the fact that Noda’s alleged actions had caused bother for hundreds of thousands of commuters, and that his behavior is unacceptable, particularly given that he’s in his forties. There are also a number of comments that refer to his “name” (which is actually in the article already) and his “nationality”. No surprises there.

From Asahi Shimbuna>:


Man Arrested Over JR Arson, Denies Charges: “I Didn’t Think I Was Being A Nuisance”

On September 15, Tokyo Metropolitan Police announced that in relation to the series of arson attacks that had taken place on land owned by JR East in Tokyo, they had arrested self-proclaimed musician, Noda Izaya (42), of 3 Chome Kichijoji Higashicho, Musashino City, Tokyo, on suspicion of forcible obstruction of business. Noda was arrested for his involvement in an incident on August 23, which took place at a transformer substation in Tokyo’s Shinagawa ward.

According to the No. 1 Investigative Division, At around 7:30pm on August 23, Noda threw a flaming object into the vicinity of the JR East transformer substation, located in 1 Chome Hiromachi, Shinagawa ward, and is therefore charged with forcible obstruction of the company’s operations.

During the period when the arson took place, a man on a bicycle had been observed at the scene throwing a flaming object into the substation. Moreover, several hours earlier a similar man is shown on CCTV passing by the area.

From mid-August through September 5, 6 incidents of arson have been confirmed on land owned by JR East. Of these, a similar man on a bicycle is shown in CCTV from the area where cable covers were burned in Shibuya ward on August 27. Arson attacks also occurred in Kita ward, Meguro ward, Nakano ward, and Kokubunji City. Police are investigating any links.

Comments from

So glad they arrested him. Once you’ve thoroughly investigated his further crimes, punish him harshly. I’m looking forward to seeing how the compensation for losses he caused turns out (grin).

Bleed him dry for losses in the civil courts to make sure that there are no other idiots out there who’ll copy him. He caused a nuisance for so many people.

How could he do this to the JR lines in the capital area! He didn’t even think of how many people he was causing trouble for! Make him pay!

In order to prevent copycat crimes, I hope they sue him properly for all the losses, and announce the amount he’s being sued for.

And his nationality? Has he naturalized?

So they finally arrested him. But…this was all done by a guy who’s an adult in his forties?!?!

Woah, woah, the essentials are not being reported here! What’s his nationality? His name? His job? His motivation? His picture? What about all those?

So they finally got him! But, what about his name and his job?

I’m 41, and my eldest child is in middle school. I’ve grown up quite a bit, and accordingly I have adult conversations and stuff. But dude, what’s going on with you?

Good job they arrested him before Silver Week.

This is terrorism, right? Report it more widely! And make a bigger fuss about this criminal who has damaged a series of shrines as well. The guy who damaged the shrine and this JR guy, too, both emphasized that they were embarrassed to be Japanese. It’s cowardly that the moment the criminal is discovered to be Korean, they stop reporting it. It’s abnormal. This kind of reporting is even beneath that of North Korea and China.

Another one, huh? We await further developments.

Even though we don’t know the details yet, first off good job to all the guys in the Metropolitan Police on detaining the suspect. There are various scandals with police here and there, but most of them are doing a stellar job. I think the Japanese police are the best!!

A 42 year old who is a self-proclaimed musician and who doesn’t think that he was causing a nuisance. Typical example of a brat from the lost generation who blames other people for everything and says “Oh I’ve done nothing wrong”.

Umm, why is there no name and nationality…

For some evil guy who has caused so much nuisance in our society, I would ask that you clarify and make public his name, his address, his motivation, his background and his relationships.

Self proclaimed musician Noda Izaya. “I don’t think I caused an obstruction of business”. Nah, nah, you actually caused a nuisance with all your heart, actually. To hundreds of thousands of people.

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