‘Wall of Women’ Block Japanese Security Bill Debates In Diet


Ever since the Abe administration forced through the recent security bill vote, Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party has faced protests and walkouts in the Diet, declining approval ratings, student hunger strikes, and other forms of public opposition, but the bill has continued to progress towards being enacted.

September 16 marked the start of the final debates before the bill passes, and in a rather unusual and somewhat desperate tactic, the opposition parties have erected a “wall of women” preventing the committee chairman from entering the meeting room and thereby delaying the meeting indefinitely. Although the strategy seems to have (surprisingly) succeeded in forcing the debate into a recession as of this writing, Netizen judgments of this new political strategy have been resoundingly harsh.

From Yahoo! Japan:

Security Bill: Chairman Konoike Prevented from Entering Committee Room by Cries of “Don’t Touch Me! It’s Sexual Harassment!”

On the evening of September 16, the upper house special committee on security-related legislation is opening an intermittent meeting to conduct concluding debates regarding the security bill. However, the opposition parties have stationed a large number of female Diet members in front of the door to the committee room, and they are resisting the attempts of majority party Diet members to remove them with cries of “Don’t touch me! It’s sexual harassment!” In effect, this “wall of women” has confined committee chairman Konoike Yoshitada to the room, and is preventing the debates from starting.

Former Social Democratic Party leader Fukushima Mizuho, the Democratic Party’s Komiyama Yasuko, Tsujimoto Kiyomi, and various other female opposition party Diet members from both the upper and lower house have all gathered in front of the committee room wearing pink headbands. Every time a male Diet member from the majority party touches them, they yell out, “You have committed sexual harassment.”

A huge number of Diet members from both the majority and minority parties have formed a crowd before the committee room. When one male Diet member from an opposition party screamed, “Diet Member Ishii Hiro of the Liberal Democratic Party has committed sexual harassment,” Ishii, who was merely pushed forward by the crowd, became enraged.

According to Diet officials, opposition party members have also used benches to blockade the internal door leading from the committee room to a neighboring room. It seems that the opposition party will prevent all committee votes throughout the day of September 16, as a tactic for postponing the security bill vote in the House of Councillors plenary session until Saturday, September 19.

Comments from Yahoo! Japan:


This is just too low-level


A sexual harassment strategy?? I’m at a loss for words…


I turned on the TV, but Tsujimoto was on there too… I don’t know who thought of this, but it is too stupid.


Maybe this is “reverse sexual harassment” or “power harassment”? Well no, if you use harassment against someone that’s “criminal intimidation,” isn’t it?


Is Diet member really a job where it’s ok to do stuff like this?


Much better case for filing sexual harassment complaints if Fukushima Mizuho touches you.


The sexual harassment strategy is just too childish.


National Diet member is really an easy job for how much they get paid, huh…


This isn’t sexual harassment.


They can try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try and try their hardest, but even radical leftist terrorists will still just be alumni of the Democratic party’s administration.

A sexual harassment attack to obstruct the Diet? I don’t want the Japanese people’s annual taxes to be wasted on a farce like this. Don’t screw around, Democratic party scum. Return our tax money!!!!

Comments from 2ch.net:


___/   ヽ
/  / /⌒ヽ|
/ (゚)/ / /
/   ト、/。⌒ヽ。
彳   \\゚。∴。o
`/    \\。゚。o
/     /⌒\U∴)
|  ゙U|
|   ||


These old hags aren’t playing around!


Wait, these assholes have been women all along?


Actually, it’s using it like this that is the real sexual harassment, right?


When they’re in trouble like this, they leave out the usual stuff about gender equality.


Are you just a bunch of floppers?


It’s sexual harassment~



Can’t we arrest them for this? They get our tax money, so what are these jerks doing?


Die, pigs. That’s all you need to say in return.


I’m gonna puke.

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