Can A Husband Sue His Wife For Throwing Out His Stickers?

Bikkuriman stickers can be worth upwards of $2000.

A collection of Bikkuriman stickers.

When a wife posted to an Internet forum that she’d thrown out her husband’s prized collection of stickers, little did she imagine that she’d have hoards of netizens cursing her. But that’s exactly what happened.

The husband had been collecting Bikkuriman stickers, which used to come with children’s snacks. Some of the stickers are now so rare, that they some are worth upwards of $2000 dollars a pop.

The outrage was so great, that is prompted an article questioning the extent to which the wife was criminally liable for getting rid of her husband’s stickers.

Should the wife be thrown in the slammer? Or is marital harmony priceless?

From Livedoor News:

Wife Disposes Of Husband’s Treasured “Bikkuriman Stickers” Worth Tens Of Thousands Of Yen…Is It A Crime To Throw Things Away Without Asking?

“When I was doing the cleaning, I came across a file with my husband’s stickers in it in the living room. I flicked through and I was so disgusted with him that I just threw them away…” That’s what one woman posted on an Internet message board. What she threw away was the “Bikkurman stickers” her husband had been collecting.

When the husband found out that his previous collection had been thrown away, “he collapsed on the floor in tears”. He’d lived for collecting those stickers since he was a child. And Bikkuriman stickers can be traded for high values, with some worth over 300,000 yen [approx. $2432] for a single sticker. In her husband’s collection it seems there were several stickers that were worth several hundred thousand yen.

The woman said “My husband is an adult, why was he collecting things like a child would? I was right to throw them away”. But in the comments section beneath her post, there were floods of criticism, such as “You’re the lowest, throwing away someone’s things like that without even asking” and “Isn’t it a criminal act to dispose of your husband’s assets without his permission?”.

It might be an act within the family, but is it actually a crime for a wife to throw away the sticker collection her husband had been dilligently gathering since his childhood? We asked lawyer Oguma Yuji.

● What is the wife responsible for if she’s thrown out stickers without her husband’s permission?

“The wife could be held liable in both for both a criminal and a civil suit”

That’s how Oguma began. But why is there the possibility that the wife could be held legally responsible?

“Well, first of all, just as in this case, the act of a wife throwing out her husband’s stickers can be thought of as “criminal damage” (Penal Code Article 261).

“The “damage” in criminal damage does not only refer to physical damage such as throwing a stone through a window and breaking it, it refers to “Any act that damages the use of an object”. Among such acts, causing someone to lose exclusive possession of an object is also included.

“In this instance, by his wife throwing away the stickers, the husband has lost exclusive possession of his stickers. Consequently, the wife’s actions are “damage”, and the crime of criminal damage to property applies.”

So in reality the wife could be questioned for criminal damage?

“For example, when it comes to theft, when the act has taken place among relatives they can be exempt from punishment. However, when it comes to criminal damage, since there is no special treatment for relatives, so even if you are someone’s wife, you are not exempt from punishment. However, criminal damage is crime that requires a formal complaint from the victim, so unless the husband presses charges there can be no lawsuit”.

And so, how about the wife’s responsibility from a civil law perspective?

“Regarding her civil liability, in this case the wife purposely threw away the stickers because she ‘thought they were disgusting’, and violated her husband’s property rights, so it constitutes an ‘unlawful act’.

“Accordingly, it is possible that in this case the husband could seek compensation for the current value of the stickers. Furthermore, considering that the stickers were very rare, there is also the possibility that the husband could seek damages for psychological suffering at having lost the stickers”.

Even though the stickers might seem like rubbish to someone who didn’t know their value, there are times when these things are actually unlikely treasures. And even if they are the possessions of a spouse or a family member, the key rule is to never touch other people’s things.

Comments from


It wouldn’t have been strange if this case had ended in bloodshed.


I bet she made a complete fool of him all the time w


I guess some people think like wtf, some old dude is seriously collecting this stuff?


You can marry someone even if they don’t share the same interests as you.
You can’t marry someone who doesn’t tolerate your interests.


This is just your common garden-variety domestic violence.
What’s more, she’s got no remorse.

ボ ラギノール(内モンゴル自治区)@\(^o^)/:

Women throw stuff out without giving a damn.
You guys will experience this at some point in your lives, too.


I’d never forgive her.
I’d live separately from her and then break up with her through a third person.


I always think when I read stuff like this that something must have happened a few days earlier. I mean, they got to know each other, they dated, and then they got married so she should know about his quirks already. And that’s what’s so frightening about women — they can cut all that down in a single stroke.


I started collecting Bikkuriman stickers quite late on, but even now when I see the shiny ones I think they’re beautiful. I just don’t know why anyone would want to throw them out.


This is what it means to be married.
Single men beware.
Will it take your interests or your dignity?


Can’t he use this as a reason to get started on a divorce and compensation combo?


So she threw out tens of thousands of yen’s worth of his assets? What a waste.


The wife was in the right.
The husband and his vile little hobby are at fault.


That’s why women are the pros when it comes to cleaning.


That poor guy.
But he should have told his wife about his hobby and reminded her to keep her paws off his stuff.


Usually you wouldn’t throw out stuff that was stored in a file.


If this had been me I’d have probably decked her.

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  • Mr. Of course


  • terriblemovie

    What a pathetic country. That man seriously needs to grow up. The woman is a moron. General McArthur was right, Japan is a nation of 12 year olds.

    • fr hy

      this is a nippon man’s worse nightmare. unless ur wifey is an otaku also chances r this would happen

      • romeo

        Who is she? And why the hell did you post her pic…

        • fr hy

          she is a japanese person’s wifey, though not the one in the article obviously

          • romeo

            I dont know what you want to do and say.

    • Coreander

      I think it’s not so childish for a person to treasure an object of his/her memory.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      I think you’re talking out your ass. 1 man in 1 article doesn’t represent the whole country.

      If your statement was pointed at a bunch of things (a whole series of articles, real life events), then perhaps you might have a point even if a lot of people disagree with you.

  • Boris

    I don’t know much about those stickers – what are they? What they are about. Some may find this pathetic, but considering it is his hobby that he has been doing from childhood and the value of some of those things, if I was him, I’d probably be in tears too.

    If you play video games, collect baseball cards or panini stickers or stamps, create models (planes, trains, automobiles, etc.) or go bird/train/plane spotting, which may seem childish or weird to some, it’s your hobby. If it isn’t harming anyone, then what right does anyone have to complain about your interests.

    Some comments that make sense:

    “Usually you wouldn’t throw out stuff that was stored in a file.”

    “I always think when I read stuff like this that something must have happened a few days earlier. I mean, they got to know each other, they dated, and then they got married so she should know about his quirks already.”

    “You can marry someone even if they don’t share the same interests as you.
    You can’t marry someone who doesn’t tolerate your interests.”

    • asdfadf

      Some info on the stickers . When I was a kid (in Japan), these stickers were still offered as prizes in some of the snacks, usually chocolate wafers (similar to those plastic prizes you get in a cereal). I remember begging my parents to buy one or two so I can get one of the rare foiled stickers.

      To highlight the popularity of collecting these stickers, I had never seen or heard about the TV show Bikkuriman, but I knew about collecting these stickers. All of my friends were collecting.

      Sadly, I have no idea where my stickers are now. I even remember getting a collection of an old series of stickers from acquaintances at the church. Back then I thought “dang these are old and ugly”, probably worth quite a bit now.

      I had totally forgotten about them till I read this article. brings back the memories.

  • Nerd fury xD

  • Hiz Oku

    Normally I’d just shrug at this sort of thing but damn, I’d be pissed too if my wife just threw away anything worth thousands of dollars..

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I would divorce and sue that kind of woman. But then again, I probably wouldn’t have married her in the first place.

    This hobby is harmless and also worth a lot of money. What an idiot woman. Hope she gets charged.

  • 금정산

    I don’t believe that she was cleaning one day and suddenly discovered her husband’s collection. Given the value, he would have held them in folders and spend hours working on the collection – most likely in her presence.

    She either did it to spite him and “settle a score”; or she is making up the story for the attention from other bored housewives on the internet.

  • risotto

    Sympathy wincing for the guy over here.

  • “I was so disgusted with him that I just threw them away…”
    An ironclad defence by the lady.

    • Comebackkid13

      Unfortunately, this passes as defense in cases like these in some western countries.

      Man cheats -> He is a vile asshole. Take half his shit, the house, and the kids.

      Women cheats -> Man made women disgusted. She was lost and confused about the marriage. Take half his shit, the house, and the kids.

      • Hiz Oku

        thats why you should always insist on a prenuptial agreement no matter how much either of you make.

      • DAVIS

        There’re trends like those in Japan too, especially regarding parental authority.

  • vonskippy

    Another happy marriage.

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