Farmer’s ‘Radish-On-The-Run’ Photographs Are A Twitter Hit

A root vegetable farm in Hyogo Prefecture with a particularly inventive farmer has become extremely popular among netizens through pictures posted on the farmer’s Twitter account.

On the user account @konsai_umemama, the farmer has uploaded several series of photographs involving daikon [a large white radish which is a popular food in Japan] that have ‘legs’. Since daikon is a root vegetable, they often grow unusual roots that can look like limbs. The farmer decided to take photographs of the most interesting daikon grown in the fields, and now his radishes are known all over Japan.

The series of photographs below is about ‘Escaping Daikon’, the radish that started the trend, although there have since been series of other photographs, including ‘Sexy Legs Daikon’.


‘Escaping Daikon’ On the Run

1. The daikon is running away! LOL

2. And then, taking off from the barn, it’s the Daikon! w

3. Then, because of the daikon’s popularity, Papa Ume [the farmer] has to make deliveries early tomorrow morning to three different Megumi no Sato farm shops.

4. Of course, this daikon will go to Nana’s Farm on the early morning delivery, so we hope they’ll take care of him!

5. Escaping Daikon…Quickly!!!

6. Escaping Daikon makes his getaway!!!

7. Escaping Daikon, on the run!!!

8. The dog has found Escaping Daikon! (Ah…my hand is..(笑))

That blasted dog! Radish escape thwarted

9. Run for it~!!!

A dog frightens the daikon

10. Uh-oh! That dog barked at me~((((;゜Д゜))) Run away~!!!

Still running Japanese daikon

11. Escaping Daikon has made it back to the daikon field.

Running through the radish beds

12. Even when he gets caught Escaping Daikon always escapes (笑)

The daikon is getting away!

13. Ah, of course Escaping Daikon has escaped again! Running as fast as he can through the daikon field!

Daikon escaping by twilight

14. Jump! Escaping Daikon!

A daikon escapes from a farm in Japan

15. Bye-bye, Escaping Daikon. He just keeps on escaping!

Comments from Twitter:


Too cute!


I love it w


So cuuuute


Ah, warms my heart ♪


Yey! Yey!


Ah…I’m crying!


I’m so glad they didn’t dare to draw a face on him.


That daikon’s gonna get chopped www


Laughed so hard w Really made me relax.


Waaa\(^o^)/Now there’s a whole series of escaping Daikon ~♪ This series shows us a farmer’s love for his daikon (!?) Great series of pics ~♪


The way the story is set up is really comical(^O^)


‘Cc-could this be a mandragora? You mean they really exist!?’ #warmsmyheart


o(*⌒O⌒)b Go for it!!


Such a light-footed jump! It truly looks as though he’s gliding through the air. Splendid daikon legs!


They should make this into a character that will boost the town’s economy (^0^)


That last one — ‘The daikon just keeps on escaping’ — really touched me. His dignified and charming figure as he escapes


I love things like this (´∀`*) Really lovely ~♪


What’s the daikon called?


What on earth…this daikon is totally cute w


Lovely w


He’s escaaaaaped! He’s really escaped this timeーw


I bet he gets an offer to appear on ‘Run for Money’ [a Japanese TV variety show]


This farmer has a good sense of humour! So much fun!


I love Escaping Daikon ~~~


I was strangely moved w

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